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Frequently asked questions

Q.) How long can I have a Skip for? A.) 1-14 Days

Q.) How do I get my Skip collected? A.) Just email or call us and we will book it in for collection. You can pre-book collection when you order you Skip.  Q.) How much notice do I need to give for a Skip collection? A.) 48 hours’ notice Q.) What size Skip do I need? A.) If you click in each skip on our website you will find all the dimensions of each skip. Q.) What items are not allowed in Skips? A.) Items not permitted in our Skips: Asbestos, Fridges/Freezers, Paint, Tyres, Oil, Batteries, Chemicals, Gas Bottles, Mattresses & Plasterboard.  Q.) Where can a Skip be placed? A.) Skips can be placed on a drive or garden and any private off-road property that you own or have permission from the landowner in writing. Q.) Can a Skip be placed on a road? A.) No we do not offer Skips on roads Q.) How much notice do you need to give for delivery? A.) Always give as much notice as possible normally 48 hours Q.) How do I order a Skip? A.) The best way to order in Online as we offer 5% discount for online orders Q.) What days do we deliver Skips? A.) We deliver Monday – Friday 8am-6pm Q.) Do I need to be home when you deliver a Skip? A.) No you don’t need to wait at home when we deliver the driver will just drop the skip where you want it and if the driver is unsure he’ll call you to double check. Q.) Do I need to be there when you collect a Skip? A.) No you do not need to be there when the driver collects the Skip. You however must keep access to the Skip clear.